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Red Flags for Fraud

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"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Our Services

Activities Check

     When detailed information on a claimant's activity is needed, the use of this procedure may be in order. The information provided is obtained from knowledgeable outside sources. This check also includes Dependecy Checks.

Accident Report

     This report is provided when full details of an accident are required. These details may include recorded statements from the claimant, pertinent witnesses, and, if necessary, police officials. High Quality photos are also available upon request.


     When available information has indicated claimant activity is inconsistent with a diagnosis, the use of claimant surveillance is necessary. During surveillance, claimant activity is documented via digital video recorder as well as corresponding transcribed audio recordings. 

Intelligence/Social Media Report

     Fraudulent activity can often be confirmed quickly and easily by searching for it online. Using advanced collection techniques, our investigators will compile information from a variety of online sources. This information is published in a comprehensive report that outlines online activity. 

Special Investigation (SIU)

Our vast experience in injury/liability investigations allows our investigators to provide a number of special investigative products, such as recorded statements, incident scene photos, and other forms of document retrieval.

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Total Disability Report

     When a claimant is not likely to have a high probability of inconsistent activities, a Total Disability Report is compiled. The report includes direct interviews with the claimant as well as documented contact with two sources who are knowledgeable about the claimant's activity. 

Background Report

     This report includes a complete and thorough investigation through court records, databases, Motor Vehicle Reports, financial records, and interviews. A Background Report is the best available service when full and timely details on an individual are needed. 

Location Report

     When a request to located pertinent personnel has been filed, a report detailing known whereabouts is presented to the client. Prices for this report are based upon a case's particular need and time frame for completion.

Asset/Financial Report

This report includes an extensive search of property records, motor vehicle registration and liens, bankruptcies, judgements, UCC filings, and criminal records. 

Specific Request Investigation

    If a specific need is not covered by any of the aforementioned services, the client is encouraged to provide Winston Services with a description of these needs and they will be covered in this report. Possible inclusions in a Specific Request Investigation are, witness locates, photos, and scene diagrams.

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